Friday, July 3, 2009


First real day was a Beauty eh! Rode all day long, not much more to say. Trails are a bit dusty, but I was chucking my meat all day long and having a great time. The day was capped off with a sweet hike a bike up from the top of the mountain to a sick bandit trail, oh it was EPIC!!! The trail also ended right at a killer food joint with the biggest plate of nachos that I have ever seen in my life! Overall, about a 10.8 on the stokage scale for the day. Pics and stuff to come!!!

Sick, just saw a Turner DW link bike cruise by! I'm chilling here at the GLC restaurant which is located at the base of the hill and has a great view of the riders coming down the mountain. Its been a great stay here in Whistler with Ace and crew, we had a ton of fun, learned lots and progressed! Michael and the Lanes are currently on route to the Vancouver airport leaving me here to fiddle around and rest. I've been needing some rest as the week has been filled with adventure and constant activity, mostly mountain biking:) We got here on Canada Day, July 1st, experienced the 4th of July in the great White North, had some great Lake adventures, Village adventures and of course adventures on the mountain. The Magic Bus is on its way back home too right now, safe and fun travels to them, it was epic! Lets do it again!!! I'm not totally alone though, part of the Sol Vista Crew and Alex Vidal has made it out, and we are going to shred tomorrow, our last day here. The weather here has been awesome, sunny and very warm, I was a sweating machine, but it made for a great atmosphere. At the moment it is misting and I can't see the top of the mountain, this means the trails are going to be super sick tomorrow! Can't wait to ride again, but resting is just what I need at the moment, I went so hard yesterday afternoon, I closed down the park! Anyways, feeling fast as hell and the Kona is killing it. More stories of the weekend to come, for now here are some pictures, yes I finally took some yesterday and they are pretty cool! Check em, out!

Also, in the mean time check out this quick vid from Mt Hood that I dug up:


ANGIE said...

Hey you too wild boys this is ANGIE remember me haha. At your mom and dads house for the fourth, by the way happy fourth to both of you. Very impressive pictures and Brian i did not know you were such a writer! MIGUEL, have not seen you in forever your as handsome as always and appear to be much more subdued then Brian Ha Ha.Look forward to seeing you both when you return to Boulder. Your mom will let me know im sure and hopefully i can grab a race during Kristin's birthday weekend. Miguel,i can't believe your in Canada without me as i always use to tell you how much i wanted to go fishing there. Ever since our BIG ONE got away when we were in canoe (remember) hee hee. Anyway take care and fly down those mountains love and friendship to you both Ang p.s. I am a Brunette NOW so you won't recognize me!!!!!!!!!!

Bri Guy said...

HEY ANGIE! Of course I remember you, everytime I'm in need of a haircut I think of you! I need one right now actually, or at least a trim so I can maintain this long haired look, haha! Sounds like you guys had a blast 4th of July weekend, I've been having a ton of fun too. I write a little bit, only for fun though, documenting these adventures is something that I will be able to look back on and enjoy! I hope you can make it up to Sol Vista in about a weeks time, I need a cheering section! I remember the Canoe story, next time!!! Have a good one and tell Dustin hey for us!