Friday, April 16, 2010

And I'm back!!!

Taking a moment to get things going again on the ol blog here. Many adventures have taken place in the last two weeks that I will need a bit of time to get fill you all in. I'm chilling at Sea Otter right now, just had a magnificent sandwich and now I'm using the first bit of down time I've had since I've been back. Things have certainly been crazy the last two weeks, I've never been so busy with so much going on, my head is literally spinning. Luckily things are slowing down logistically and speeding up while on two wheels. Feeling great on the bikes, Team Geronimo is incredible. So far here in Sea Otter we have certainly caught the eyes of lots of people. Cannot wait to rip the Dual Slalom tomorrow, its going to be tons of fun. For the time being here are a few pics from the last few weeks that will hopefully keep you all amused.

Ride on!!!

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Mom said...

So glad you're back up and writing here. I'll be looking for all of your exciting updates! Thanks and love ya, Mom