Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Colorado here we come!

First time we have had internet in about two weeks, sorry about the lack of information, ever since we started camping power has been an issue! Well, the day is finally here, Michael and I will be finally coming back home, and how great that thought sounds. Throughout everything we have been through over here, its been quite a lot we have never quit, our desire to finish what we started is how we made the last few weeks work. There has been a lot of downtime, problems and setbacks, but I believe we passed the test! When I arrive back in the states I will work on a full recape of the end portion of our trip and maybe an overall summary, but in the last two weeks Michael and I have braved the weather, rain soaked nights, my diet has been that of a squirrle-bear, broken bikes yet no broken bones(hurray), but with all of this came great sights, riding and new friends. One thing though that was rock solid the whole trip, the KANGOO! We goo'ed up and around so many mountain passes, made some of the most delicious Nutella rice cake meals and ate so much tuna fish in our KANGOO kitchen. Somehow, I really don't know, that thing survived and passed inspection when we dropped her off. So there is a ton, metric to be exact, of information that I will bestoy upon you all soon, so keep checking in often as there will be more wicked sweet stories and pictures of our rocking European adventure!

The adventure never stops though, once back in Colorado its off to the races once again as we get to enjoy the comforts of our own home cooking half an hour away in Snowmass, Colorado! Just had an awesome vacation day in Barcelona, lots of beach action, oceaning to be exact, I'm burn't, I'm tired and I'm ready to come home. Thank you everyone for your comments and support while we were here in this very foreign land, it really was an experince of a lifetime, not too many people have probably done what we did, which is really cool!!!

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