Sunday, July 27, 2008

What a Weekend!!!

We had a ton of fun this weekend! We had all the Kids over this Saturday for the World Cup Races. It was a blast, we all watched the DH, then went and rode bikes, I stopped riding early and started the grill. After the Mountain cross was over and everyone ate, we all went out again. Then I got invited down to the ski lake and went tubbing with the kids, it was a pretty good time! After that, we came back up to the house and had a campfire and made smores and a water fight as well.

Today we were invited to Tyler Spences birthday party. No pin the tail on the donkey here though, we woke up at 7am, left around eight for carbondale with kids in tow and from Carbondale we drove down into gleenwood canyon to the grizzly exit where we put in our rafts, ducks, tubs and kayaks for a day on the river. It was a ton of fun! I haven't been rafting for I think about 8 years and it was great to be out on such a beautiful day paddling down this stretch of river while getting to check out the canyon from a different point of view. It was hilarious to watch all of the kids in tubes flip over in the big waves and gnarly rapids, Michael flipped his boat a few times on purpose but I don' think people knew so they assumed that he was a terrible rafter. For the most part I was usually towing around two or three kids at a time and the whole time we were pretending that we were riding bikes and doubling the rapids doing tailwhips. I tell you what, while living over here I don't get to spend much time with kids my own age but these kids sure know how to keep me feeling young as they are full of energy and stoked on everything. After playing around in the play wave which Cory flipped in and cruising through south canyon we finally made it to our pull out spot. It was a great day on the rive, we had lunch and sang Tyler the birthday song as well on a nice beach by a large eddy. The adventure however wasn't entirely over, it never is. After rafting, all of the kids came back to our place to ride bikes. Roy Binge also showed up and was stoked for his first day of riding our trials, I'm pretty sure he has been dreaming of this day for at least a year or so! All of the kids really impressed me with their riding skills, Roy hit everything and was incredibly smooth, I tell you, in a few years he will be dominating! Tyler and tanner were killing it and as always the Lane bro's were ripping it up on the big bikes boosting the big table at the end. By this time of day I'm exhausted, I was extremely tired after rafting, I can't believe I even made it out to bike. So this weekend was extremely eventful! We got a lot of pictures, video and all had a great time! I definitely would have liked to have been out east riding Mount ST Ann, but the kids made this off weekend one to remember, I don't know what we would do without them!

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