Thursday, August 14, 2008

Moving back to Boulder

Taking a break to watch the Olympics which has pretty much consumed all of my downtime this past week, but I'm packing up and moving back to B-Town for the rest of the summer and the beginning of school. I'll be starting my first semester at CU after transferring from FRCC. I'm really excited to be apart of an actual team this year for Collegiate Cycling, don't get me wronge, FRCC was an awesome experience and creating my own team and floating around hanging out with different teams and riding in a swaetervest was sweet! Maybe I'll find a sweet CU sweatervest and continue the tradition? Thats all gonna happen in a few weeks, so we'll just have to see how things pan out!
Last weekend was the G3 mudfest in Snowmass, and let me tell was slippery! I love the G3 format, I think its great; a stage race creates so much opportunity for lead change and opens things up in the overall. I have been plagued by bad luck on my first race every time, crash, flat, crash and this time 45 seconds from the bottom all the air let out and I peddled hard smashing a brand new rim to pieces. The night before I spent all my time building a new rim that had a lifespan of all but 5 minutes. If I didn't have two more races ahead of me I think I would have saved it for another day! After a slick and mis fortunate first run I started nearly last in 16th position in the Super D. After a 50 yard sprint the super D trail winded down single track through the forests and wide open flower filled fields, however I didn't really get to enjoy the flowers and all that good stuff due to all of the mud caked on my glasses; glasses were a bad choice in the rain and mud! The track was sooooo much fun though, I passed two guys, including michael who had poor tire choice and was sliding every which way. The best part about the Super D was that it was taped through the mountain cross course, and theres nothing more exciting then riding an xc bike over 20 foot doubles in the wet:) An 8th place overall helps my position as I move up in the standings, but i really had no chance at the podium after the first race anyway, but I still wanted to get the best result possible. Sunday brought the rain and mud. People were scrambling for tires and we turned into tire salesmen practically donating our extras to the needy, including our sister who had the race of her life, so far at least by staying on the bike and passing 3 others on her way to a landslid defeat finishing first! For Michael and I it was a different story, no passing or even staying on the bike. The weather had been fluctuating between constant rain and then the sun would poke its head out drying the track making it greasy. Many riders had trouble staying on their bikes, I had trouble staying on the track as I was trying to stay loose, but it didn't work as I was staring at silly lines that had engulfed earlier riders. I hit most of my lines but managed to run some turns wide into the tape destroying my momentum. Without any major falls, but many mistakes I ended up in 6th and 6ht overall, one off of my pre race goal . Michael had a rough weekend with some crashes, but for the most part was riding really well in practice. The new 31.5 inch bars made an instant impression as I felt more comfortable and stable on my machine which is how I've felt all year, but its all coming around and I feel that I will end the season strong at Sol Vista for another G3. I'm off to Sol Vista tomorrow to break in the new trails and to also train for the upcoming race!

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