Sunday, December 7, 2008

We are still alive!

To Brian Bailey, Cory Ross and anyone else who occasionally checked this blog!

It has been a very long time since I have last posted, there have been many events that have happened since my last post!

The bike season is over! The season was a long one, it ended pretty well with a second place finish at the collegiate national championships. I finished 3rd overall in the RMCC Collegiate ranking behind Cody Wilderman who took two 1st place finishes at the conference championships to take second overall. My teammate Joey Schusler destroyed the field every week and won conference and the Collegiate National Championships. Collegiate racing is so much fun and I hope to try and accomplish my goal of becoming the D1 National Champion, that means I'll have to still be in school next year which will most likely happen but where? That is still to be determined! I would like to also thank my mom again for feeding the whole entire CU Cycling team, and even though most of the kids seemed to under appreciate her efforts, I know I really enjoyed all she did and having her there!

Other highlights from the bike season and the trip to Banner Elk, NC included: 1st place at the CSM collegiate open race. Getting a full page picture in Bike Magazine. Joey manipulating the presidential race in North Carolina. The Mud fest in Durango. 2nd place in the Sol Vista G3 stage two race. 4th in the Sol Vista Dual Slalom. Dirt Jumping and shredding with friends. Golf course sliding contests. Getting 2nd to Joey in every race almost. Um...lots more...

After the bike season ended the ski season has officially begun. Michael and I are in full swing coaching mode working full time! I have school and Finals, so I'm unable to work full time right now. I will be taking a semester off this winter as I look for new educational opportunities, devote more time to coaching full time and to train hard for the 2009 bike season! Michael and I started training 3 weeks ago using James' MTB Strength Training Program which has so far been a great experience! Better than any past weight training programs I have tried thus far that is for sure. I really enjoy how the program utilizes and recruits muscles used most while riding, I recommend this program to all aspiring mtb racers!

Thats about it folks, other than the Buffs missing out on a bowl game, the broncos playing different every week, not too much else is going on. This time of the year things seem to slow down, most of the sponsor requests have been sent and now we play the waiting game. Next year things are again looking to be very promising as we will once again be part of a new growing MTB team, Team Geronimo, and will most likely be sporting some new sponsors.


mattmmatt said...

Thanks for the update Bri. Are you coaching on the bike or on the slopes?

Bri Guy said...

Coaching for (EMSC) Eldora Mountain Ski and Snowboard Club.