Friday, May 30, 2008

Andorra Update: No bikes :(

So anyways, I haven't downloaded new pictures yet because I've been busy trying to find out where my bike are! At first I was cool with the fact that the airlines would deliver our stuff right to the door, but when it never shows it tends to get my a wee bit peeved! Right now I am outside of the pizza joint stealing their internet, trying to communicate with the outside world! I feel a little vulnerable right now since I have no clue where the bikes are, there really isn't such a thing as a tracking number over here is Spain. They also have no sense of urgency over here, Michael just today went to Barcelona to look for our bikes and we found nothing, Joey found his bike in the back corner of a room half strung around the room! Its a load of crap!!! They told us they would promise that the bikes would be here today, direct words out of the ladies mouth to michael and still nothing! At least I have the course memorized so when I hop on the course tomorrow on a rental bike that I will have to pay for in order to get my number of runs necessary to even qualify for the event. I'll be the one running a red Commencial in blue jeans and a hoody. At least i had my helmet with me during the flight! I'm still having a great time and learning heaps over here, but even the most patient people become unpatient and I'm tired of waiting! Maybe we will get some sort of compensation out of this ordeal, first class perhaps, who knows? All I know is my bike is not here, I'm wearing the same underwear that I have been since Monday. I'm just greatfull that I am surrounded by supportive people, a great environment, surrounding and bikes! Honestly as fired up as I am for not being able to ride my bike, which is becoming to be torture, I would rather be doing this than just about anything! I am experiencing a new culture and place with very different people who are for the most past friendly. As I sit here starring across the street at my hotel about to wonder over and go to bed, I wonder what tomorrow has in store for me as the whole trip so far has been an adventure and the fact that I'm even over here is still mind bottling! I hope everyone is doing well and having a great summer so far, I can tell this is going to be one to remember!!! Here are some pics to munch on. Buenos Noches!!!

Euro trash


Big Daddy said...

Brian I left a message with Michael e-mail. Your Bikes are in Barcelona came in on flight #2606 on the 28th. Your baggage handler is Iberia Handling.Left all phone #s on Michael's e-mail.

Anonymous said...

So, did you guys get your bikes yet? Hope you are having fun otherwise. Any help from IXS yet?