Monday, May 19, 2008

Time to party!

Hey everyone! As of 12:00pm tonight I turned 21 years old and earned the right to walk into any establishment selling alcoholic beverages! Being that I don't really care to spend money on car bombs and cement mixers, I'm not extremely excited and stoked about being another year older, instead of getting my fix at the bars tonight, I will be using screw driver to fix my bike as Europe is only one week away! Last night I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning building my new downhill rig for the season, I'm super excited about how it came out, I mean it looks great, feels great and actually works while riding down a hill, which is crucial. I still don't know where to draw the line on how long I should write these things, many of you might find my ranting and raving about bikes boring, which is why I will provide as many pictures as possible, but I'll try my best to keep it interesting.

I would like to do a full preseason report filling all of you in on the early season racing and riding as well as just general riding done in preparation for this epic Europe trip. I think that will be my next post after I conjure up some more photos and when its not 2:30 in the am!

Speaking of the Europe trip, which is only a week a way, holy crap, there is much to be done before then! Some good news, while the US economy continues to slip and slid ever further down the drain, at least buyers on Ebay still haven't received this message. I posted 18 items on Ebay to sell, all old bike parts, its like an online garage sale, mostly junk yet in total I have accumulated over $2000 dollars for my trip. On top of that good ol' George has supplied me with some more spending money to use on other countries economies, thank you Mr Bush!!! Other than making/saving money for this endeavor, there is a lot to pack, jerseys to pick up and bikes to test! Speaking of bikes, here is the latest on my NEW Rotec RL9 which was born in my garage late last night after spending 10 hours in labor. She is a beaut and weighs in at 44.3 pounds, but will be going on a diet soon which willslim her down to a proper 43.5lbs. I suppose this has been enough bloggering it up for one night, hopefully for the 10 of you who see this, most likely, it has been an enjoyable one! Thanks for the read, and enjoy the pics!!!

Cheers friends,

Brian Buell


Big Daddy said...

Blog's Looking Good, Keep it Up,Party On!
Big Daddy

Anonymous said...

hey bros,
What address can I send your name decals too, asap!