Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My 21st Birthday!

Today I spent my 21st pretending to work instead of working! I lounged around the house and pretty much just took it easy until the guys got off real work. I was with just cruising around the place all day, and I was ok with that because I know my life is going to be a little crazy for the next few months, so when I can get a day like this, I'll take advantage of it!

After the guys got back and two tube swaps on Michael's bike later we were off to ride our bikes! We did some DH runs in Gleenwood testing out our new sick rides. The bikes performed very well so I am very happy! It got dark so we went to the local tex mex joint, ordered my first drink, a house margarita, and ate some good food with good people! To cap off the night I was given a free dessert and a sombrero to wear while the restaurant employees sang me happy birthday in spanish. The dance party in the car on the way back with strobe light wrapped up the night! Time to buy some more plane tickets for the Euro trip and to go to bed! Check out some pics and description here: http://ridemonkey.com/forums/showthread.php?t=202553

Good Day,

Ol' Man Buell

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