Wednesday, May 28, 2008

EUROPE!!! This just in, its weird!

What up everyone, or should I say Buenos Dias, or Bonjour! Currently I am typing within a pizzaria in Vollnord, Andorra with my brother, Caleb Cambern, Steve Wentz and David Camp. Technically it is Day 3 on our European extravaganza of a trip and we all are having an awesome time!!! Here is all of the trip thus far in a nutshell, a really big nutshell! After successfully packing probably too much stuff, we set out @ 4:30 in the morning, once arriving at the airport we were informed that our bike box weighed too much. We had to re-pack and re-weigh until our bike box and bags weighed the appropriate amounts, and then we sat on our butts for 3 hours waiting for our flight that was delayed for 2 hours. This delayed flight will soon prove to be more of a problem later on. A quick transfer flight in Miami and we were 10 hours to Madrid. I should mention that on my first flight from Denver to Miami was awesome because we both were awarded exit seats that boasted extreme leg room, on the next flight we were not so lucky. A little cramped and with a stiff neck we made it to Madrid early in the morning, spanish time, midnight our time in Colorado. Rudy Unrau showed up right as we arrived in Madrid and shared the flight with us, a nice pleasant 45 min hope and skip later we arrived in Barcelona to learn our baggage never made the Miami to Madrid transfer. No worries, the airport will deliver right, lets just get a rental car and start driving. Joey and Caleb successfully arrived earlier, Caleb with all of his stuff, Joey minus a bike and us with nothing. Negotiations and bartering became the name of the game to get a good deal on a car for five people and all their stuff to travel for the week in. We wanted a bike Jumper mobile, but could only manage a smaller sized mini van thing. After the worst pack job with resulted with 3 people sitting up front and Rudy and I in the back surrounded by gear, we found a hardwear store, bought some twine and tide down the bikes to the roof freeing up space in the car for all to have a seat. Finding Andorra was pretty difficult, Michael I swear went in about 20 circles, but we would finally find our way up north along the coastline to the Small country of Andorra. After stopping at several bars along the way to celebrate Rudy's and Joey's legality, and driving through some amazing country filled with castles and mountains we crossed the border into funland. I call it this because Andorra does not tax and cars, motorcycles and beer do not cost very much and they sure like to show it whit stores on all corners. For you Coloradians, picture the town of Vail and maximize it 100 times. After everyone nodded off to sleep several times in the car, we saw it, our 3 star hotel Marco Polo. We found this here pizzarea, ate some dinner and went to bed tired, semi jet lagged and stoked on being in a crazy cool place that in my wildest dreams I never imagined visiting.

Today, Wednesday the 28th, we had all awake to the sound of construction cramped into our two bed box room a little dazed and confused. The place has no windows to the outside, just a wall, so not much natural sunlight actually appears making it seem like it was still the night time and not 9am. The breakfast buffet was real good on a hungry stomach before we went to registration. There are over 250 competitors with my number being 220, and michael's 246. It was sunny outside and warm, which didn't last long but for the time being we enjoyed a nice gondola ride up the mountain. The scenery is incredible, cows littered the mountainside and the Pyranese peaks rose out of the earth in every direction. Later we walked the course, which looks real fun and very similar to those in Colorado and a mixture of some others I've done in the years past. Lots to memorize, best to get a lot of laps trying to get our lines dialed, if we get our bikes anytime soon. We are still currently waiting for our bikes to be delivered as well as the rest of our clothes and equipment. However, even though we are living out of the same clothes we were wearing Monday, at least Michael is, I packed a change of in my carry on, we all are having a great time experiencing a new culture, meeting new people and seeing old friends. Even in my bike never arrives, it should, but if that were to happen I think this weekend is going to be one of the coolest ones ever!!! Its getting late and I'm the only one at my table still typing so I should probably get going, until next time which should be soon, take care and check back later for more wild and wacky European adventures!


Dave & ride Happy Racing said...

Hey Brian and Michael, Dave here from Ride Happy Racing

I'll check the blog and keep up to date :-)

Hope you guys are having a blast, and Ride Happy!!!!

brandon.turman said...

need . . . more . . . updates! Y'all get your bikes/gear yet? How's the course? Weather? Caleb miss his dog, etc, etc?