Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Working it!

Hey everyone, hows it going? Today on the hillside it was 128 degrees...WTF! The sun was beating down so hot that my pants were melting to my skin. Let me explain how it gets so hot on the hill. First of all we work on the side of a volcano with Basalt rock littered all about creating an oven that just cooks us alive! However, we do get some work done, even though it is hot enough to fry an egg! The trails are coming alive and the jump trail that we started last year is almost finally done, its a bummer I'll be in Europe when its all completed, oh well!

After work we were bombarded by the team and helping them build their bikes, and before I knew it dinner time had come and gone! Its been like that a lot here lately, not enough time in the day to do everything I want to do! Been going to bed late lately, I'm pretty sure this Europe trip just needs to happen because the anticipation is working me over!!! Michael and I are packing things up though right now and will roll back into B town tomorrow for a weekend of prep and fun before we head! My sister is going to graduate high school which is a trip as it seems just yesterday that it was me walking across the stage. I cannot wait for the days to come as they will bring me ever closer to flying across the pond and giving my all at this DH racing thing! Rant over, more to come!!!

Night everyone!

~Bri Guy~

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