Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Apple store in Glasgow, Scotland!

Here we are sitting in the apple store in Glasgow, Scotland using internet that doesn't cost a dime which is nice because I'm slow at this typing business and thinking on my feet while the clock is ticking is not my thing on a computer at least! 

Quick recap of the last weekend and few days!

The weekend was described by as Michael as a sort of of bust! I think the weekend from a riding standpoint was more of a bust, but the weekend as a whole was quite awesome! The level of riding that was on display was amazing, and the atmosphere was great! I love having my stuff, like everything, I packed my house it seems like, but in a way it was nice just totting around only a bag. It was not nice however the items I had to borrow from friends. I was grateful for the help, but it was a pretty expensive weekend since we had to rent bikes. Hopefully the airlines will compensate for everything! That was the weekend, a great place to stay (thanks Caleb's mom!), breakfast every morning, and a brisk 5 minute walk to the gondola provided for exercise everyday!

The race: Michael and I both had one day of training on these rental bikes! They were ok, not high end, tuned machines but they did the trick alright! I dove straight into practice heads first flying as fast as I could, since I new all of the lines and had envisioned it beforehand I was comfortable going for it trying to make up for lost time! Crashed a few times, but I found my speed. Race day quickly approached and after a near successful full practice run, and another run in which i sectioned off the course, I was in the gate ready to qualify in my jean pants and Michael's jersey! I had a great run al the way to the end, I might have been right on the pace, but I fell in the last corner! I had taken it fairly conservative in the mud, which was just peanut butter by now after about 200 competitors had already stirred the course up! It would have been a thing of legend to have qualified, but I was close and pretty happy! All of the other guys faired all right, only the big boys qualified, non from our group, but I have a great feeling abou fort william! It was a great learning experience as always, and we all had a great time at the after party! 

The following day, we packed up, still without bikes and bags and drove back through the scenic countryside to Barcelona! By the afternoon we were on the beach, eating fish and checking out the views! All full and tired we retreated to a hotel near the coast and relaxed! Joey and Rudy tried to go to a disco but failed to find one. Michael and I went to the airport to demand satisfaction and that was what was delivered, the next day! They told us 3-4 days, but somehow after a few calls and some custom's clearing, the bikes at 1pm on Tuesday were back in our possession, finally! It was a big relief and I was glad to see that the baggage people actually felt for us as they described this as a colossal mistake, which is still and understatement! Just the first week in our six week Europe trip, hopefully things go a little smoother from here!

After a few flights and some slumber in the airport we are awaiting a train to take us to the FT, but for now I would like to get out of this apple store to explore the city of Glasgow! Hopefully riding in Ft William next time I post! Until then...Cheers!


Colin said...


Erin told me you were keeping a blog. It's great to hear from you about your journeys. Sounds like an adventure so far. Glad the bikes arrived and the first race was fun. Good luck in the coming days. I'm sure things will smooth out. With your own bikes I bet the next race will rock. Keep on finding free internet and writing. Take care.

brandon.turman said...

Hooray for bikes! Glad you guys finally got them.

Nelson got a world's spot, as did Belcher. Cheer them on extra hard for me, would ya?

Oh, and when ya'll get back, consider joining us for some of our grand adventure:

Anonymous said...

You guys rock! Ijust talked to your dad, he updated me.. keep it up guys!

Steve B