Thursday, June 12, 2008


Michael Say:
Just got done riding our second day out here in Morzine. The trails are awesome, and we get to be covered head to toe with mud all day which makes things even better. Don't get to play in the mud to often out there Colorada way, so I always look forward to tuning brown once in a while. The slick fast trails are great to train on, and there are ton's of fast riders around, it will be impossible for all of us to move on from here without getting faster. I think the gondola people hate us though, wiping those things out probably gets old after a while.
Sorry no new pictures from the trip yet, but I promise there will be some soon, in the mean time enjoy the angry cat below, and since pictures are usually more fun then words here is a sweet picture of a scorpion I almost stepped on in the grand canyon a few years ago.


barb buell said...

Just a quick hi and reminder that Sunday, 6/15 is Father's Day. I've gotten the card covered, just thought you might be able to call?Saw the photo gallery and looks like you're having way too much fun! Keep it up. Jason says hi and call soon if you can.Good to see your posts as well as Brian's. We always look for as much as you can deliver! Love ya, Mom and Jason here

Hunter said...

Les Deux Alpes is looking sooooooo sick that me and T-dog may do some renting
you should come to the biking festival/race/shocase/french barbeque that is coming up soon