Thursday, June 26, 2008

IXS CUP RACE: Thule, Germany!!!

Quick update here for ya'll, Caleb is in the driver seat about to melt, pass out, or freak out. We have been cruising around the lovely country of Germany for a few days now taking the bike park tour, finding places to ride on our way up to the IXS Cup Race here in Thule. Here is a recap of our last few days; after leaving Italy, we drove up through Innsbruck, Austria, accidentally found ourselves lost doing round about donuts through Munich, and cruising 95mph but still getting blown past by Ferrari's on the Autoway. We spent two days riding in Winterburg, they're bike park was really fun, small, but I felt like I made some big improvements, then off to Willingem(sp) for a day on the WC course which claimed my rear shock. We hoofed it up here from there walked the DH course last night will fireworks from Germany's Victory lit up the night sky above. Trying to find a shock right now, hopefully I can find something a race, cause this course looks awesome! More updates to come, Calebs about to lose it!


Colin said...

Hey Dude,

Glad things are still going well. It's a great time to be in Germany, I bet there will be some serious celebration if they win on Sunday against Spain in the Euro Cup. Did you race any of those sweet Ferrari's? Good luck with the shock hunt.


Bri Guy said...


There are German flags seriously everywhere! I will be in a pub watching the game on Sunday, and the shock hunt has turned into a bike hunt, I might be a spectator this weekend? I think we will be coming back early, next week WED or THURS? Those Ferrari's are going down!