Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Traveling: Ft William to Morzine, France!

Ugh, we finally made it after two flights, lost baggage and a night sleeping underneath the stairs in the train station in Geneva, Switzerland. Today started out very slowly, and with a security guard staring over me telling me to wake up in french. Travel information desk didn't open till 10:30, and the plan carrying the rest of our bags would not arrive until 12:30, so we all had some time to kill and with the security guard waking us at 6:30 it was a long morning! Luckily I found a grocery store where I bought some fruit, yogurt and chocolate milk. Joey completed his first sudoku puzzle ever and Michael and Caleb spent their morning wandering around asking for info and watching bike videos studying. We ended up renting a car after finding our bags, this car wasn't very big and the pack job we had to do was hilarious, but it got the job done. I'll provide pics after I download them, sorry I can't find the cord at the moment? Anyways, driving through Geneva into France we were informed by some arrogant French security guard that Swiss rental cars can only spend 8 days in Europe, they are not a part of the union? Confused we agreed and moved on, we have the car for 27 days and we all agreed we would deal with that then! The Alps are pretty neat, and I have just seen the start of em! We drove through town after town till we made our way to Les Gets, found information and was told that the lift would not run till sunday, the town was pretty dead so we headed on down the road to Morzine where there is also tons of riding, and when all the lifts are running you can bike into Les Gets and also back into Switzerland. Hungary, we found the only place open, lucky me it was a pizza place, I'm really craving pizza right now, bu they do not do rice crust anywhere! We spoke with a few locals and they hooked us up with this guy by the name of Simon, he runs a Chalet just on the edge of the hill. The place is awesome, two rooms, a large lounge area upstairs with pool, internet and TV, a place to store our bikes and a very nice women who made up our rooms by the name of Jill, It is also the early season here, pretty much the off season, not much going on as the snow is all almost melted off. It was raining and the temperatures dropped from those in the valley, but should make for some awesome riding tomorrow! I can't wait to just ride, train and have fun for a while with now schedules to fallow but our own. It really is a beautiful place here, can't wait to explore the area which we should seeing that we have a car. Wish I could speak french, but its not all that bad because most people speak english as well. Its getting to be pretty late now, Caleb and I are just finishing up on the Internet, which is addicting , and I'm looking forward to a warm bed and some sleeping in, we in to at least 8 I think would be n ice, then riding all day long!!! Still can't get over being in Scotland last week, now we are here in Morzine, finally, it is time to sleep!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys.......Check your blog every day and so excited when a new one is posted! Keep having fun and enjoying your experience. Good luck in the next race.
Aunt Karen

barb buell said...

Sorry about the pizza Brian, hope you're finding enough to eat? Remember to keep up on the protein,electrolytes,hydration,etc for strength and endurance.Hope you got to sleep in too!Yes Dad told everyone he knows about this site,and I added a few of my own contacts to the list. We love to see new posts, so keep up the great job.Keep checking old posts, 'cause sometimes you have add'l comments posted too. Crazy how Uncle Louie was in Spain same time as you. Our e-mail is down for past 2 days, tell Michael too as I forgot to. I can get thru with this site though.When do you head to Italy? Check racemsc home page write up by Gene Hamilton about Kain Leonard qualifying for Italy. What a blast you all must be having, I love it! Call sometime if you guys can fit it in. Love, Mom

Bri Guy said...

Thanks Aunt Karen, we are indeed having a great time, wish you all could be here. I'll make my own pizza I recken, its cool that Kain is coming to Italy, hope he makes it. I'll call soon!