Saturday, June 14, 2008


Being after midnight over here it is fathers day, so I would like to extend and Gigantic HAPPY FATHERS DAY to our father Mr Tom Buell! Thank you dad so much for all of your support in making our dreams a reality, we have the greatest dad in the world. In my 21 years of life, and I'm sure Michaels 24(dang he's old haha), my father has been such a great influence and inspiration to me and if he wasn't such a dedicated father to all of his children I wouldn't be the person I am today, that I am sure of!

A few things I admire about my dad and what has influenced me to this day!
  • His work ethic: I've never seen someone so hard working. I don't think anyone will find a nicer man, someone who always wears a smile on his face and is there to greet you the second you walk into his shop.
  • Attitude: Always positive upbeat and cheerful! Now you all know where I get it from. and Mom too, they are both great people, but mom its dads day so let him have his glory:)
  • Motivation: Up @ the crank of dawn, coffee brewing, ready to meet the day dead on no matter what lays ahead of him!
  • Perseverance: Once he starts a project he finishes it! I'm getting better at that, one thing at a time right?
  • Kindness: Would drop everything and go out of his way to help a stranger fix, pull or push anything.
  • Leadership: The best trail boss, keeps everyone well informed and grouped together! Can't wait to come back and ride dirt bikes!
  • Being Tall: It doesn't hurt being tall right? Reaching things in high places so my mom doesn't have to climb on the counters:) Just kidding!
There are so many more I could list but I should stop because he is also a very modest man and doesn't brag about every good fortune, I know he likes to talk his kids up and show everyone what we are doing, but it is him who deserves the credit and praise, if it wasn't for our dad none of this would be possible! So anyways before I make this thing a biography, HAPPY FATHER"S DAY DAD, we hope you enjoy yourself on your day! Wish I could be home on this day with you riding dirt bikes, eating a home cooked meal by our wonderful mother, and watching the sun set sitting outside in our own backyard!


Michael and Little Bull

PS Let me know when your email is back up and running!!!


Anonymous said...

I little brother turned out to be a terrific Dad!! You guys are so VERY lucky!!

Aunt Karen

barb buell said...

Well boys, my original comment that Jason and I both wrote somehow didn't get thru. Here's a shortened version. Great tribute to Dad, very proud of you both,CO sports teams doing well, Jason's softball is 2&1, Miss you, Kristin & Dad riding something tomorrow? Dirt or mountain bikes don't know which yet. I'll be cooking all day of course, won't torture you with menu. Don't skip meals, could get a cold! Have great trip and time in Italy. Hope you find internet so we don't go thru withdrawl. Call if you can. Go Joey! Great talking on IM with you, gotta get my own acc't? e-mail working but sender/message not correctly associated.Dad saw his greeting, loved it!Very special-thanks. Love ya guys, Mom, Dad,Jason,& Kristin

Tom Buell said...

Wow!! Your Dad is Honered by your words,Thank You,But you know that is a Great Tribute to your Grandfather as well as I admire him for the same teaching which I formed my values as a Boy.Thank's again! Take Care and Ride On. Love You Guys "Big Daddy"
ps. Be Safe

Bri Guy said...

Indeed we are! Good to hear Kristin is going to fill in with riding duties:) Last I checked the Rockies are losing, what other sports teams are there playing right now? Go Jason and Softball! Let me have the full menu, I can take it! I will try to find internet, it jut probably won't be this convenient! Tell Grandpa hello for us. Love you all, have a great day, talk to you all later!

Love Brian

Aunt Susie said...

Good job on your Father's Day Tribute! All of you are so lucky to have such great parents! Uncle Rick and I just returned from vacation (CA trip) and am just catching up on your blog and pictures. Keep up the good work, stay safe and good luck w/your races!

Love you,
Aunt Susie