Friday, June 27, 2008

Then there were two; The end of the road is near!

The last 24 hours have been interesting! First off, my bicycle is out of commission due to lack of product support over here in Germany, secondly we had to make a midnight hour trip last night to the Hanover Airport to drop Caleb off for his early flight home, the trip home was a hoot as Michael and I got lost seriously ten times driving around in circles till nearly 3am, the European road system is either terrible or they need to dumb it down for us Americans, thirdly we have decided to cut our trip short, returning to the states early so we can prepare for the Snowmass mountain states cup race as well as to save for a possible trip to Canada to race two World Cups up there. Our bikes will need a little loving when we get back, but I think this trip has prepared us greatly for the rest of our race season back home, and we both are looking forward to possibly eating some burritos and sleeping in an actual bed, but first Michael and hopefully me have to kick some German butt this weekend, sleep on the ground for a few more nights and if all goes right party on the streets with all of the other Soccer hooligans Sunday night if the German futbol team wins the Euro Cup VS. Spain. Sorry about the lack of pictures, blogger didn't want to upload mine last time. I'm sure we will poach this sweet spot again for internet and give more updates on the race weekend, maybe some friendly people will provide me with a bike so I can ride, I know I would try to help someone out if they were in a different country without a bike!

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